Father Murphy, Strange Forces, The Electric Set [Konzert]

kenconsumer and Elektrohaus present
Dienstag, April 6
Father Murphy (Treviso, IT)

Strange Forces (Berlin)

The Electric Set (HH)

DJ Oliversum

One of the most intense live bands in the world is coming to Hamburg.
Father Murphy (www.myspace.com/reverendmurphy) hails from Treviso, IT
and trust me will, they are incredible. Others have said this about them-

„The dead-eyed chants, keyboard drones and bone-dry rhytms of Italian
trio Father Murphy’s second album conjure up a funereal atmosphere
somewhere between homemade Morricone and toytown Goblin…The
strangulated boy-girl vocal stylings are genuinely discorcenting, and
the group display a nerve-jangling grasp of dynamics throughout,
keeping the listener frozen in a state of terrified ecstasy. That
ol’devil Dario would surely approve. Joseph Standard, The Wire“
„‚ll put an extra shilling in the collection plate if Reverend freddie
Murphy has been ordained. There’s chanting and banging and
bells-a-plenty, a peculiar hymnal to the art of noise. „Go Sinister“
is aptly titled, sounding like convent girls in full chant and without
any habits save for wafting opium-stuffed censers about their denuded
persons. Throughouth, the percussions, strangulated sounds, epic
songstitles and conceptual doom as if the world’s faiths are
administering the last rites over the rattlin‘ bones of Liars. If the
papists hear this, there’ll be excommunication for Reverend Fred.
Amen to that – Luke Turner, NME“

And to top it off, our psyched out friends from Australia, living in
Berlin, Strange Forces (www.myspace.com/sstrangeforcess) and Brandon’s
The Electric Set (www.myspace.com/theelectricset) will also be
playing. DJ Oliversum will spin some really radical shit between and
after the bands. Sounds like you’ve got something to do on a Tuesday

The show will start early, so go get some food after work and head
over before 8 in order to catch all the bands. Totally worth it.